Waimano Trail


Difficulty: Moderate

Treachery: quite a bit

I did this trail this morning.  Getting there is easy, just turn Mauka on Waimano Home road and follow it until you come to a guard shack.  So security isn’t an issue here at least not at your car. 

The trail goes down behind a chain link fence and then splits. 

I chose the upper trail first becuase they make a loop.  At the 3/10 of a mile point the trail finally goes back into the woods and away from all the tall grass.  It’s a nice walk and very peaceful.  I wouldn’t say this one is appropriate for young chilren though as there are many large tree roots some some large rocks and even a streambed you have to leap over.  Overall though for an adult it was moderate exertion and in many place you had to be careful of your footing. 

The view is nice though and it’s worth doing.  The trail peaks at about the 1 mile mark and at that point you have a choice to turn around, do the lower loop, or continue to the summit.  I would have love to go to the summit but I didn’t have the stamina or the time today. 

So I elected to take the lower trail back and make the loop.  It too was enjoyable and slightly easier than the upper trail.  The lower trail did have quite a bit of mud.  Along the way I came to the stream bed which is pretty dry.  The water is flowing but there are a lot of rocks

The biggest drawback to this trail is that there is very tall grass in several places that is kind of annoying.  At least in Hawaii you don’t have to worry about snakes in the grass.  But there are also some really cool looking caves.  I didn’t dare go too near though for fear of wild boars.   

At the end of the trail I met a local man who asked me “you come from dea”

Me: “yes”

Him “you alone”

Me: “yes”

Him “you no scared”

Me: “no”

Him “you carry one gun”

Me: “no”

Him “I’m a mountain man and I carry one gun”

What he was getting it is that he didn’t think it was safe for me to hike alone.  He had a point but I want to to get out and do these things and getting someone to go with me it’s always possible. 

I spoke with him for quite a while and he was a nice grandfatherly figure.


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