Hiking- Previous to today

I have lived here 9 mos now and we have done a few hikes so I’ll just put the highlights up.

Waimea Valleyhttp://www.waimeavalley.net/

Difficulty: Easy

Hazards: None

Surface- Paved

Waimea falls was pretty nice. It’s a gentle slope of 3/4mi up to a small falls. On the way it’s all botanical gardens where you can see all kinds of plants from all over the world. I know my mother will like that when she comes to visit. The path is paved all the way so it’s really an easy walk. When you get to the top there is about 60ft waterfall with a nice pool below it. I didn’t know there would be a lifeguard on duty and that you could swim so we didn’t do that. It was enjoyable for everyone.

Diamond Head Crater-http://www.hawaiistateparks.org/hiking/oahu/index.cfm? hike_id=2

Difficulty: Moderate

Hazards: Roots and uneven surfaces

Surface- Dirt

Yesterday I convinced John to hike Diamondhead. I looked it up and it’s only 0.8mi. So that was my selling point. I knew it was up to the top of the crater so I was expecting stairs and so was he. The first 3/4 of the trip is not too bad. It’s a rock trail up the side of the crater. Lots of twists and turns but relatively tame.

The last 1/4 is grueling. Up a small set of stairs, through a tunnel, then up an insanely steep set of stairs through another tunnel and them up a spiral staircase. When you get to the top it’s so worth it though. There is a bunker where you have to crouch to get out and up to the very top where you can see for miles!

The trail was originally used for civil defense and was a firing point for artillery down to Waikiki beach. From the top you can see waikiki and the reef as well as the whole crater on the other side. It really was an amazing view.



At the very top!

Makapu’u Light House Trail- http://www.hawaiiweb.com/html/hiking/makapuu_lighthouse_trail.html

Difficulty: Moderate

Hazards: Steep Drop offs but most are fenced


This morning we went back out to the leeward side of the island with the kids for a hike. We decided to check out Makapu’u Lighthouse because I was told it was an easy hike. HA! Ok so it was paved, and in that respect it was easy. But it was up hill the whole 1 mile up! The views were spectacular for sure though. But the kids were very pooped when we were done. It’s whale season and that shore is a whale preserve so we were able to see some whales off shore.


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